Executive Committee

The supreme ICF body shall be the Congress. No other body of ICF, or its member(s) or any individual, or any third party cannot overrule or amend any decision taken by the Congress.

The Executive Committee is the executive body of ICF. Executive Committee has 16 members.


  • Josef Meyer (Switzerland)

Secretary General

  • Mohamed Saeed (Maldives)

Vice presidents

  • Elisa Zuchiatti (Italy)
  • Langley Mathiasz (Sri Lanka)
  • Nazrul Islam (UK)
  • Murtaza Khan Zulfee (Pakistan)
  • Mouraly Venou (France)
  • Zunaid Ahmed Palak (Bangladesh)
  • Dohun Bae (Korea)

Asst. Sec. General

  • Atul Behave (USA)
  • Rohini Mathiasz (Sri Lanka)


  • Ahmed Ashraf (Bangladesh)


  • Germany, Japan and Malaysia

The Supervisory Body consists of President, Secretary General & Treasurer.

President and Secretary General manages all operational and administrational matters of ICF while Treasurer manages financial matters of ICF.