Results of the 3rd ICF Cup Luton, England: 21-23 July, 1997


MEN TEAM Country Rank WOMEN TEAM Country
India India 1st
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 2nd
Germany Germany 3rd
Maldives Maldives 4th


SLAM RECORD Country White Black
Nagsen Etambe India 4 3
E. Mahimairaj India 5
A. Maria Irudayam India 2
J. Valentine India 2
M.T.M. Hilmy Sri Lanka 2
Ibraham Adil Maldives 1
Melvin Mathiasz Sri Lanka 1
Hussain Neesham Maldives 1

About ICF

The International Carrom Federation (ICF) is an association governed by Swiss law founded in 1988 in Chennai, India. 

The key focus of the ICF is the governance and administration of Carrom worldwide by leading, developing and promoting Carrom around the globe.