Dear friends, after we all had to wait for Pierre Dubois return from India, we are now finally able to announce you that Pierre was so kind to install the youtube channel Carrom ICF for us! We are so happy that one of the greatest Youtube pioneers for carrom and one of the finest European players has accepted this task! I So from now on we will try to edit and post as many matches possible in a good quality on youtube! I just watched the final and it brought me back to Delhi immediately! Congrats to our new champion Riyaz Akbar Ali again for an unbelievable display in the final, especially an amazing and flawless second set! Pierre,or shall I say carrompierre, we are eagerly waiting for more matches and thank you so much for this new ICF media and your endless efforts to promote carrom!

Josef Meyer

Josef Meyer
President of the ICF

About ICF

The International Carrom Federation (ICF) is an association governed by Swiss law founded in 1988 in Chennai, India. 

The key focus of the ICF is the governance and administration of Carrom worldwide by leading, developing and promoting Carrom around the globe.