Dear Carrom players, dear lovers of the game,

Welcome to the new website of the International Carrom Federation (ICF)! I know many of you have been seeking for an ICF website for a very long time! Now it is finally here, but we all have to understand that in order for it to be succesful and informative, we all have to work together! Our members are spread over three major regions and if we want this website to become the center-piece of information, we have to be well co-ordinated, dedicated and committed! So I ask all players to push their officials, all officials to deliver the information and the ones posting results to do it on time! Any website is only as good as the people behind it! Our community is a small one, but I’m positive that we can make this a site liked by players, officials and hopefully also sponsors and partners in the future!
Please be pro-active in delivering feedback and comments! This is just the start, we should add many features, especially develop a section with the players profile! Let us use this ICF Cup 2015 in Delhi as a starting point and post results as any other upper sports body does! Enjoy the website!

Josef Meyer

Josef Meyer
President of the ICF

About ICF

The International Carrom Federation (ICF) is an association governed by Swiss law founded in 1988 in Chennai, India. 

The key focus of the ICF is the governance and administration of Carrom worldwide by leading, developing and promoting Carrom around the globe.